Diseases that can cause Hearing loss

7 Diseases That Cause Hearing Loss

We are familiar with the common causes of Hearing Loss. Old age and exposure to loud sound. Surprisingly, some diseases which are not related to the ear can also cause Hearing loss. Read to know more.
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Protecting Your Hearing

Our ears are like those our ancestors had millions of years ago. They are not designed to listen to four or five hours of electronic dance music every day. We can be smart about it. We can use an App to manage our daily exposure to Music
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What is it like to live with Tinnitus?

This article has been submitted by an Anonymous Musician. Musicians give us the pleasure but do pay a price. The price is Tinnitus. Most of the musicians exposed to loud music suffer from Tinnitus. Read how our Musician deals with it.
Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing Loss is a very common ailment. Yet, people delay visiting the Audiologist or the Doctor. Delay in Hearing Loss treatment can cause long-term damage.
Yoga Treatment for Hearing Loss

Yoga Treatment for Hearing Loss

Yoga helps in increasing Hearing Power by reducing stress and increasing the blood flow to the parts of the ear. Some Asanas or exercises are highly recommended for Tinnitus cure.
Conductive Hearing Loss Symptoms causes and treatment

Conductive Hearing Loss – Symptoms Causes and Treatment

A Conductive Hearing loss is the second most common Hearing Loss and affects people of all age groups. It is medically treated. Recognize the symptoms to seek immediate medical help.
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Sensorineural Hearing Loss – Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

90% of the people suffer from Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Let us get familiar with the symptoms, Causes and remedies so we are better prepared to face it.
High Frequency Hearing Loss Symptoms, Causes and Remedy

High Frequency Hearing Loss – Symptoms, Causes & Remedy

A High Frequency Hearing Loss is the inability of the Ear to hear sounds and speech in the high frequency range. Read about the symptoms and causes.