Conductive Hearing Loss Symptoms causes and treatment

Conductive Hearing Loss – Symptoms Causes and Treatment

A Conductive Hearing loss is the second most common Hearing Loss and affects people of all age groups. It is medically treated. Recognize the symptoms to seek immediate medical help.
Sensorineural Hearing Loss image

Sensorineural Hearing Loss – Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

90% of the people suffer from Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Let us get familiar with the symptoms, Causes and remedies so we are better prepared to face it.
High Frequency Hearing Loss Symptoms, Causes and Remedy

High Frequency Hearing Loss – Symptoms, Causes & Remedy

A High Frequency Hearing Loss is the inability of the Ear to hear sounds and speech in the high frequency range. Read about the symptoms and causes.

7 Everyday Habits That Cause Hearing Loss

Some habits may seem harmless but they can affect our health. Check this list of 7 Everyday habits that are causes of Hearing Loss.
How to prevent Ear Infections this monsoon blog feature image

How to Prevent Ear Infection?

Though the monsoon brings us the much-needed respite from the summer. It also comes with its own set of problems. The increase in humidity is an ideal condition for fungus and bacteria to grow causing Ear infection
Hearing Loss Causes and Symptoms blog feature image

Causes Of Hearing Loss And Symptoms

It's a matter of great concern that 20% of the people between the age group of 20 to 44 years have developed a Hearing loss. 33% of the people above the age of 60 have some level of Hearing loss.
Cell Phone usage causes Hearing Loss

Does My Cell Phone Cause Hearing Loss?

Though the cell Phone or Mobile Phone has made communication easier, it has increased health hazards. Various studies have proved that Cell Phones are causing Hearing Loss.
Can Stress cause Hearing Loss

Can Stress Cause Hearing Loss? 7 Simple Ways to De-Stress.

Stress related Hearing Loss is for real and is a direct outcome of high-stress levels. Read 7 simple ways to De-Stress and maintain good Hearing Health.