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Speech Therapy Exercises For Children with Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome often have difficulties with their speech, language and communication skills, hence speech therapy for Down syndrome and it plays an important role in the child’s speech and language development.
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The Tinnitus & Stress Link

Some say that their tinnitus is extremely distressing, affecting routine, sleep and communication. This severity is generally caused by the amount of stress that the person is under. Read about the theories behind this link and how we can seek change and relief.
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Sudden Hearing Loss Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Sudden Hearing Loss is an unexpected loss of hearing which is immediate and takes place overnight or over a period of a few days. It is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment. Medication within 14 days is very effective.
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Communication and the Hearing Impaired

Communication is very important for the hearing impaired. Dr. Niharika, MBBS our guest blogger is hearing impaired and wants people to know the difference between the deaf and people with normal hearing.
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Benefits of Speech Therapy for Stammering

Globally, around 10% of the children stammer, which reduces as they grow up, and only 25% of them suffer from a permanent stammer. Speech therapy for stammering is recommended for its benefits. Checkout the speech therapy exercises
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Speech Therapy for Autism

As per the 2018 data released by WHO on Autism, 1 in every 160 children has Autism spectrum disorder. Since the major issue is with speech or verbal and non-verbal communication skills, Speech therapy for autism is highly recommended.