Sign Language

Maharashtra Budget 2018 presented in “Sign Language” for the 1st time...

For those who missed the relay can see the Maharashtra State Budget 2018 in sign language. Also checkout other Schemes by the Maharashtra State Government.
Virender Singh Yadav 23rd Deaflympics

Team India Shines at Summer Deaflympics 2017.

The India contingent of 46 hearing impaired athletes competed with 3,145 athletes from 97 countries and made India proud by winning 5 medals.
Chief Manager job for the deaf

Manager level Jobs for the Hearing Handicapped

Senior Positions. Vacancies for Manager level Jobs for the Hearing Handicapped.
IT Manager job for the deaf

IT Sector/Engineering Jobs for the Deaf and the Hearing Handicapped

Senior and Junior level Job Positions for the Hearing Handicapped in the IT Sector
Vaishali Sharma the Deaf UPSC scorer

Vaishali Sharma – The Go Getter

Vaishali Sharma is an MBBS from Aligarh Muslim University, you must be wondering why we make a mention of her when we have 50,000...
Saji Thomas in his hand made Aircraft

Is Hearing Loss a Disability? Not really!

Read the story of 2 wonderful people from the State of Kerala who refused to consider Hearing Loss a disability, One designed an aircraft and the other is a Founder of a tech startup.
Laughing Baby

Laughter the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine. People who can laugh at themselves have a positive attitude. Read about the humorous situations in the life of a deaf person.
Hearing aid donation

Did you know that the Government has Matrimonial incentive scheme for...

The State and the Central Government has various scheme for the benefit of the Hearing Impaired. Right from free education for the children to financial assistance for the self-employed.
Women's Day

Hearing Impaired Achievers, Way above the rest.

Women though considered the weaker sex have shown unbelievable strength and character in many a situation where men would think twice. Know more about these awesome women.