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Hearing Loss Blog page icon

Understand Hearing Loss, Types of Hearing Loss, what is harmful for the health of your ears and how you can improve your Hearing

Hearing Aids Blog page icon

Digital Hearing Aid technology explained in simple terms. Tips for Maintenance. What’s available and the Best Hearing Aid for you

Cochlear Implant Blog page icon

Cochlear Implants are Aids for People who do not benefit from Hearing Aids. Know the Pros & Cons & how they work

Speech Therapy Blog page icon

Speech Therapy or Speech Pathology is the science of treating Speech disorders like stammering, stuttering and lisping as well as cases related to difficulty in swallowing

Deaf Jobs Blog page icon

Visit this section for the latest Job opportunities for the Deaf, Govt Schemes, eligibility guidelines, Disability Certificate procedure, Free Check-up and hearing Aid distribution camps

General blogs Blog page icon

News concerning the Deaf and the Hearing Impaired. Latest scientific developments in Medicine and technology. The achievements of the Deaf community