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Common Causes And Remedies For Itchy Ears

The skin of our ear is very sensitive and itching ears is a reaction to indicate that something is wrong. Though it’s harmless and not a very serious issue, but it can become an issue if it’s chronic.

Latest Technology In Hearing Aids

New technology in hearing aids started with the introduction of digital electronics. The progress made in the last few years has been amazing. Let us get familiar with the latest technology in hearing aids and how they benefit the users

Congenital Deafness – Causes and Treatment Options

Congenital deafness is hearing loss present at the time of the child’s birth due to genetic reasons or complications during pregnancy. Know about the treatment options available, so children pickup speech and communication skills early.

11 Tinnitus Therapy Techniques For Immediate Relief

Tinnitus attack leads to irritability, lack of sleep, poor concentration, and depression. Since there is no direct tinnitus cure, people suffering from chronic tinnitus should try out the various tinnitus therapy techniques to reduce the effects of tinnitus and get relief.