Types of Hearing Aids
Digital technology has enabled Companies to manufacture small hearing aid machines. A wide range of different styles and types of Hearing aids are now available. In this article, we will explain the different types of Hearing aids.
Are Two Hearing Aids better than One
Have you ever wondered why we have two ears? The efficiency of two organs performing is higher than a single performing organ. So should we use one Hearing aid or two? Read to find out
What to Expect at your first hearing aid fitting_EarGuru
Do the reports show that you need Hearing Aids? If this is your first Hearing aid, you should know a little about the process of Hearing Aid fitting.
Rechargeable Hearing Aids Pros and Cons
Inserting and removing Batteries is cumbersome. What if we could insert the Hearing aid Battery once and forget about it? Yes, it’s very much possible. Rechargeable Hearing aids and rechargeable hearing devices are now freely available.
Cochlear Implant vs Hearing Aid. What's Best
Every person with a Hearing loss has faced the Cochlear Implant vs Hearing Aid issue at some time. Which is better? Cochlear Implant or a Hearing Aid? Read on to find out what's the best option
All you want to know about hearing aid batteries
We give very little importance to care and maintenance of Hearing aid batteries. Batteries are the most important accessory for a Hearing aid. Find out how to make your batteries last longer.
Can Hearing aid cause Hearing Loss
Hearing aids cannot damage your hearing or make the hearing loss worse. However, there are 4 situations when Hearing aids can cause damage. Read about this rare situation.
Pros and Cons of Invisible Hearing Aids Blog Image
Invisible Hearing aids are not seen or are invisible to others. The small Hearing aid slides and fit deep into the ear canal. An ideal choice for people concerned about the visibility.