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As per the 2018 data released by WHO on Autism, 1 in every 160 children has Autism spectrum disorder. Since the major issue is with speech or verbal and non-verbal communication skills, Speech therapy for autism is highly recommended.
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The popularity of internet and advancement in technology has opened a new avenue in medical treatment known as Teletherapy or Teleaudiology. Speech Therapy at home within the comforts of the Child's house has many advantages over regular visits to the Clinic.
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Children born with Speech disorders need regular Speech Therapy exercises. Parents can also contribute to the Speech Therapy exercises. This speeds up the improvement in the child’s speech and language skills.
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Parents believe that their children will slowly outgrow the childhood speech disorders. Many do so, some do not. Recognise the speech disorders early and seek help of the Speech Therapist.
Speech Disorders in Children- 6 Common Myths and the Real Facts
Speech disorders in children are common. We list below the common Speech disorders - the 6 common myths and the real facts.
Colouful Sign Language
Just because the Deaf do not communicate with others the way we do, can we call them disabled? then they are not disabled as they have a highly evolved system of communication, with a little effort we can also learn to communicate with them.
What Is Speech Therapy?
Speech Therapy or Speech Pathology is the science of treating anomalies or abnormalities related to speech or verbal communication as well as cases related to difficulty in swallowing.
Sign Language
For those who missed the relay can see the Maharashtra State Budget 2018 in sign language. Also checkout other Schemes by the Maharashtra State Government.