15 Helpful Tips For Getting Used To Hearing Aids. blog feature image

15 Helpful Tips For Getting Used To Hearing Aids

A new hearing aid user takes about a month or two for getting used to hearing aids. There is a little bit of patience and learning involved. Keep using them, your comfort level will increase with every passing day

Latest Technology In Hearing Aids blog feature image

Latest Technology In Hearing Aids

New technology in hearing aids started with the introduction of digital electronics. The progress made in the last few years has been amazing. Let us get familiar with the latest technology in hearing aids and how they benefit the users

Parts of The Hearing Aid Exploded View blog image

Parts Of The Hearing Aid And Their Functions

One does not have to be technical to understand the functions of the various parts of the hearing aid. Read to know how every part contributes to the performance of the hearing aid

Hearing Aid Repairs Handy Tips To Fix Them At Home Blog feature image

Hearing Aid Repairs? Handy Tips To Fix Them At Home

Hearing Aid problem or breakdown can upset the daily routine of regular hearing aid users. What can one do during a holiday or shutdown due to an epidemic? Check out these handy tips to fix your hearing aids at home.

When Should we-replace our Hearing aids blog feature image

When Should We Replace Our Hearing Aids?

There is no fixed time, life span or thumb rule on the working life of a Hearing aid. Even if they are working perfectly, there are other reasons which require us to replace our hearing aids.