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Can You Get Hearing Loss Due To Cold?

It may sound strange but people with a hearing loss or the users of hearing aids might face certain difficulties, let’s find out how winter or cold weather affects our hearing.

Can Alcohol Affect my Hearing blog feature image

Can Alcohol Affect my Hearing?

Most regular drinkers are aware that alcohol causes liver damage, high blood pressure, and weight gain but they may not be aware of the connection between drinking and Hearing loss. read to find out

You Can Also Detect Hearing Loss blog feature image

You Can Also Detect Hearing Loss

If you are over 50 or even in your early 40’s and are regularly exposed to loud sounds, it is advisable to check if you are heading towards Hearing loss, the earlier you find out the faster you can seek advice and the appropriate remedy.

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You Think You Have A Hearing Loss? What Next?

Acceptance of your Hearing Loss is the most important aspect if you want to overcome your Hearing deficiency. The sooner you accept your Hearing loss and seek assistance, the happier you will be. Do not feel embarrassed to wear a Hearing Aid.