6 Must have Features in your Digital hearing aids

6 Must have features in your Digital Hearing Aids

Manufacturers are offering various technology levels and plenty of features. Selecting the ones we actually need requires understanding of the features.
8 Signs of Ear Infection in Babies – Cause and Precautions

8 Signs of Ear Infection in Babies – Causes and Precautions

Ear infection in Babies is very common, it’s the second most common ailment after a cold. Get familiar with these 8 signs of Ear Infection in Babies, the Causes and Precautions to be taken.
Colouful Sign Language

9 Simple Tips to Communicate with the Deaf

Just because the Deaf do not communicate with others the way we do, can we call them disabled? then they are not disabled as they have a highly evolved system of communication, with a little effort we can also learn to communicate with them.
Yoga Asanas or Postures

Yoga Exercises For Better Hearing Power

Yoga exercises or asanas have been practised globally over the years. Find out about the specific Yoga exercises for better hearing power or how Yoga can help to improve our hearing ability.
Wonder Food to boost your Hearing image

Wonder foods to Boost your Hearing Health

We constantly search the internet for articles on food items to control our hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol, are you aware of the wonder foods available that can boost your hearing?
Audiogram Chart

Types of Hearing Loss Explained

If you are still wondering whether you actually have a Hearing Loss or you are unable to hear properly because of the noisy surroundings, or is it simply due to someone speaking very softly. Read on to find out.
Simple Ear Health Tips article feature image

Want to Improve Your Hearing? Here are some Simple Ear Health...

Most of us are aware that loud noise or sound causes discomfort, how many of us know that loud noise or sound is one of the major Hearing Loss cause? Ear Health is one of the most neglected areas in our understanding of Healthy Living.
Earwax Removal tips EarGuru image

Tips for Earwax Removal at Home

Earwax or Cerumen is a yellowish substance which is excreted in the ear. Every one of us is familiar with earwax and think we know how to remove earwax at home, but are we using the right method for earwax removal at home?
How Does My Ear Work

How Does My Ear Work?

Hearing is one of the five senses the humans depend on for everyday work and enjoyment. The organ of hearing is the ear, this organ is responsible for sensing, collecting and processing sound signals.
Medicines to cure Hearing Loss

Medicines to Cure Hearing Loss?

With so many Companies working on Hair cell regeneration, it’s a matter of time that one can pop a pill or take an injection to start the process of hair cell regrowth and not be totally dependent on Hearing aids and Cochlear Implants.