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Can A Speech Therapy App Replace Traditional Therapy?

Speech Therapy app like Stamurai can accelerate the progress of clients with varying fluency goals. A smartphone app can make sessions more interactive, engaging, and the user can carry the tools of fluency in their pocket

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Benefits of Speech Therapy for Stammering

Globally, around 10% of the children stammer, which reduces as they grow up, and only 25% of them suffer from a permanent stammer. Speech therapy for stammering is recommended for its benefits.

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Speech Therapy for Autism

As per the 2018 data released by WHO on Autism, 1 in every 160 children has Autism spectrum disorder. Since the major issue is with speech or verbal and non-verbal communication skills, Speech therapy for autism is highly recommended.

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Tele-Speech Therapy – 18 Advantages of On Line Speech Therapy

The popularity of internet and advancement in technology has opened a new avenue in medical treatment known as Teletherapy or Teleaudiology. Speech Therapy at home within the comforts of the Child’s house has many advantages over regular visits to the Clinic.